I will not be voting for Congressman Solomon “El Slut” Ortiz. Like State Senator “Sucio” Eddie Lucio, he believes he can commit any transgression against the taxpayer because he is omnipotent. He not only counts on the ignorance of the masses to reelect him, particularly the Democratic sheep of Cameron County, but he expects them to reward him by electing his playboy son to the Texas Legislature. Brownsville Mayor Pat “El Perro” Ahumada has been leading a lonely crusade against Ortiz for years. Unfortunately, Ahumada is like the boy who has cried wolf too many times and his warnings go unheeded. Nevertheless, Ortiz and his prehistoric henchman Lencho “T-Rex” Rendon have been fleecing their constituents for decades. Ortiz is spending thousands promoting his “distinguished” career, but he hasn’t distinguished himself during this campaign. [Click here for rest of blogticle].

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By Christopher Maher
Nueces County Record Star

Libertarian candidate for District 27 U.S. Representative Ed Mishou believes conservative values are needed to  bring positive change to the district and the nation.
Mishou served in the U.S. Air Force from 1956 to 1983, retiring with the rank of colonel. During his military service, he earned four air  medals, the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Legion of Merit.
He then moved into the private sector, where he worked for E-Systems, a  Fortune 500 company that took on defense contracts.
Mishou received a bachelor’s degree in business from Colorado State University in 1969, and completed his master’s degree in management at the University of Northern Colorado in 1973.
A native of Dallas, Mishou and his wife, Nancy, moved to Brownsville five years ago to retire. They have four adult children and three grandchildren.
His political activism began two years ago, as he became dissatisfied with the state of politics in the nation.
“I was very concerned about the direction I saw our country taking, and started becoming a very vocal advocate and trying to get people involved and paying attention, not with any intention of trying to become a candidate, but just trying to get people aware,” Mishou said. “I presumed out of that there would be viable candidates who would rise up who we could support, but we really didn’t see any.”
Mishou said he has generally considered himself to be a “Reagan Republican,” although he now identifies himself as an “Independent Libertarian.”
“I’ve always been a Republican. Really, I’m a Reagan Conservative,” Mishou said.
“Two years ago, the Republican party wasn’t doing us any big favors either. They were really starting to trash the Constitution. I found, when I looked around, that the Libertarian platform and approach was more in line with my own personal values and judgment.”
Mishou said his primary goals, if elected, would be to curb spending and reduce the size of government.
“We have to see what we can do from a federal perspective, to enhance the economy and the job market,” Mishou said.
“We need to encourage business, rather than doing regulatory things that discourage free enterprise and business.”
Mishou said he would also work to improve the infrastructure of the ports at Brownsville and Corpus Christi.
“The new Panama Canal will be opening in about 2014, and that’s going to bring a lot of the large, trans-Pacific ship traffic into the Gulf,” Mishou said. “We need to be able to accommodate that at the port down here and the Port of Corpus Christi, because it will help the entire economy in the Valley, South Texas and Northern Mexico.”
Strengthening the economy in the region will have the added benefit of reducing violence along the border, Mishou said, which will open the door for new immigration policies.
“Unauthorized crossings must be held to an absolute minimum,” Mishou said.
“I’m really in favor of more open borders, more realistic visa applications, and opening the border for business, commerce, labor, family visitation and tourism- but through authorized entry points only.”
Mishou said another priority would be to repeal the Comprehensive Healthcare Bill passed by Congress earlier this year.
“The health care program that was passed is a major catastrophe, particularly for the people here,” Mishou said. “I would like to see that repealed, if there are enough votes to do that. If not, then I think we need to go through and take all the negative aspects of that program and kill them one at a time.”
Regarding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Mishou said troops should be withdrawn as quickly as possible, and the government should put measures in place to prevent the Executive Branch from initiating military operations such as those in the future.
“I think we need to take a good, hard look at drawing that down and getting them out of there as fast as we can, and never again should we be putting our troops in harm’s way,  unless it has become a congressional mandate,” Mishou said. “You need to have a clearly defined military objective, and we don’t seem to have that.”
Mishou said he offers a clear alternative to the two other candidates in the race.
“(Ortiz) has forgotten his role in Washington, having been there as long as he has. He seems to pay more attention to special interest groups and to party leadership than he does to the people within the district that he works for,” Mishou said. “Farenthold has no experience, qualifications or background to do the job. He just doesn’t have the resume that is going to Washington. You’re looking at someone who’s got the resumé, who’s got the background and can do the job.”

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LIBERTY-CANDIDATES.ORG enthusiastically welcomes Ed Mishou to the growing slate of candidates championing a return to Constitutional governance in the United States! A Liberty Candidate will defend the great American principles of:

  • Individual Liberty
  • Constitutional Government
  • Sound Money
  • Free Markets
  • a Non-interventionist Foreign Policy.

This endorsement is the hallmark of a true Liberty Candidate.  To qualify, Candidates must submit answers to the four liberty questions ( Then, each application is voted on by a committee made up of peers and other liberty minded individuals. Each candidate’s website is visited by committee members to see that a candidate’s answers and his/her stance on the issues coincide. If accepted, each Liberty Candidate is added to the site with prominent links back to his/her site(s). All Liberty Candidates are eligible to participate in the Liberty Candidate Money Bombs. With candidates like Ed Mishou serving the people at the city, county, state and federal level, there is real hope for change in America.

Let Freedom Ring!

Liberty’s mission is to support Liberty Candidates running for public office in the United States. A true Liberty Candidate will defend the great American principles of Individual Liberty, Sound Money, Free Markets, Constitutional Government and a Non-interventionist Foreign Policy. Our Goal is to have at least one Liberty Candidate in each state!

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Oops, the BIG ALARM CLOCK just went off again.  The Corpus Christi League of Women Voters published their noted Voter Guide in which they asked each candidate to respond to specific questions.  The first question asked of Congressional Candidates was “Describe the training and experience that qualify you for this office. (40 words)”.  The Farenthold response:  “I meet the Constitutional requirements of 25 years old, 7 years a citizen, and resident of Texas.  I am common sense conservative, a communicator (radio show host), small businessman, and lawyer who wants to serve the people, not myself.”  My response:  “The leadership and integrity of an Eagle Scout and senior military officer who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and Legion of Merit, a Masters Degree in Management, and private sector experience as an executive with a Fortune 500 firm.”  I think the difference is quite clear and distinct.  And now we hear he “fibbed” about his pajama party.  Less than honest politician, what a novel idea.  Is it time to wake up yet or just  hit the snooze button again and continue to ignore the reality of time?

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The hypocrisy of politics again peeks out of the Farenthold campaign.  After an immature and childish Chicken Campaign launched by Farenthold  in a failed attempt to get Mr. Ortiz to debate, Farenthold himself is drinking from the same Kool-Aid pitcher.  On Thursday, the Corpus Christi League of Women Voters held their Candidate Forum.  The three Congressional Candidates for the District were invited although they didn’t expect Ortiz to accept, as he hasn’t in the past.  Farenthold apparently accepted but then “Chickened Out” without even the courtesy of a call to the League.  In hopes of a late arrival, the League rearranged their schedule until it became obvious he would not attend.  I thought that extremely accommodating on the part of the League in their attempt to remain fair and nonpartisan.  I, too, was a little surprised that he would forego this high visibility evening but then he has refused to participate in a debate or forum with me since spring as he can’t stand the head-to-head comparison.  I enjoyed having the whole block of the forum to myself.  This should be a BIG ALARM CLOCK going off but I suspect closed-minded folk will just hit the snooze button  and continue to ignore the reality of the time.  Does somewhat define and calibrate the character, integrity, and self-confidence of one who says he wants to go to Washington.  Guess Farenthold went to the Ortiz school of transparency and responsiveness.

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Addressing Harlingen Area Tea Party Forum Tuesday

On the campaign trail: On Tuesday I had the pleasure of sharing my ideas and vision for the future of Congressional District 27 with members of the Harlingen Area Tea Party Forum.  We had a full house and an excellent evening.  Blake Farenthold declined to participate.

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Smoke Screens haven’t been used as a military tactic in a long time but their use in political campaigns thrives.  Witness the touted “Pledge to America” which was brought forth by the Republican establishment for the 2010 election.  Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly support the intent but it fell too short of what it could have been.  Almost all the points of their “pledge” were the same as the position statements I put forth on my web page nine months ago.  I suggest to you, the only reason they published it now was because the fierce reaction to the grassroots activity throughout the country and they finally had to accept that broad-based concern of “We The People”.  Nevertheless, they missed their opportunity to provide more specifics and acknowledge the pledges were just guidelines of how they would legislate if they are successful in flipping the House.  As late as this morning’s talk show circuit, all they would say is “It will not be business as usual in Washington”.  Given the potential change in the House structure, that is a rather obvious conclusion but does little to stipulate how it will be different.  Since, the Good Ole Boy network of the establishment leadership will remain intact, it doesn’t give “We The People” much confidence they will sustain this new political philosophy that they were forced to acknowledge.  Our biggest hope is the new freshmen class will be strong enough to hold them to their commitment.  Their pledge would have been far more worthy if they would have incorporated the same pledge that I have made in my campaign since the beginning over a year and a half ago, “If I fail to abide by my commitment, I won’t seek re-election in 2012.

Political Smoke Screens are not restricted to the National level.  Here locally they thrive also.  People proudly support a misinformation effort regarding invalid poll numbers.  Polls that were so biased as to generate the desired conclusion.  If, in fact, I only have the potential of 1% of the vote, then why put forth all the effort to push for my withdrawal, which I positively ignore.  A 1% swing isn’t going to effectively change the outcome.  Why ignore the Democratic and Independent vote when they know a party-line vote will see the same result as previous years?  Why continue to denote that a District Congressional win requires 40% of the southern part of the District when they know realistically they are more likely to see less than 20% from that area?  Why shield their members from being fully, and truthfully informed lest a comparison yield an unpleasant result?  When people continue to only walk with Blinders On, they more often than not will miss the obvious, stumble, and fall.

On one thing I think we all agree.  A change in our Congressional Representation is long overdue and needs to happen.  I only see one solution.  We have to achieve that advertised 40% in the lower reaches of the District, as well as carry a good result in the northern area and I’m the only opportunity to achieve that result.  The choice is yours and with only slightly over 5 weeks to go, the clock is running.  Time to clear the smoke and advance on a clear field.

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Blake Farenthold has initiated a rather childish campaign stunt he’s calling his Chicken Campaign, a smokescreen effort to garner a little publicity.  He knows full well there is little, if any, chance Mr. Ortiz would even consider such a demand for his attendance.  So it’s press forward and milk the situation for all it’s worth while failing to tell folks it is he, Blake, who dodges any opportunity to debate with me knowing that his candidacy suffers when exposed to the light of day.  While his little attempt for some PR is humorous, it is certainly shy of honesty and that should be a big red flag to concerned voters.  If he can’t stand up to my meager pressure, how is he ever going to stand up to the pressures of Washington?  His ill-conceived Chicken Campaign only further demonstrates, to the more informed and astute voter, his reliance on talk over substance.   His only qualification is the Big “R” behind his name and that just won’t satisfy the voters of the 27th District this year.  They deserve and demand more.  His recently acclaimed “Contract with the 27th District” prepared in September at the request of a local group was his typical assembly of generalities with no specifics and contained nothing new over what I had published on my website last January.  These moves of desperation highlight his own awareness that he cannot and will not pass muster on November 2.  Throughout Texas we have known his style for decades:  in Houston he would be a “Drugstore Cowboy”, in Dallas an “Empty Suit”, and in Lubbock, “All Hat – No Cattle”.  Come on Blake, let’s bring some disinfectant sunshine onto this race so the voters can become aware of the real candidate attributes and render an informed choice.  The last time the American voter chose to be led by a smooth talker, long on generality and short of specifics and ignored a detailed look at the individual qualifications and experience, we got Obama.  We need not have that same mistake made again.

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A Guest Posting

This is a  guest posting from a good friend, Marilyn Allen. Enjoy

 Its 9/11 – Do You Know Where YOUR God Is?

by Marilyn Allen on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 12:26pm

September 11, 2001  – Day of tragic loss to our American People, our American Securities, our American Way, and our American Value of Truth, Justice, and Freedom. A House Divided Against Itself CANNOT  Stand. Muslim Radical Extremist trained upon American soil by American Experts to infiltrate American Securities and hi-jack the ultimate prize of America (our people) and use them as weapons of death against ourselves – our own people, our economy, our status, our world towers of symbolism of free enterprise of success. AMERICA – LAND OF THE FREE -ONE COUNTRY, UNITED, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE and the only country that proclaimed Life, Liberty and Justice for All.

This was a major strike against America in our own country from a foreign based country and idealogy other than America. Why was WAR not declared at that VERY MOMENT against Saudi Arabi, and ALL Countries that were connected with this? We instead continue to belch smoke, groan and are still in the very long drawn out process of simply rolling over. UNTIL THIS atrosity against our country has been reconciled and reckoned with, the decline and death of America will continue from this one major blow and soon be rendered totally powerless to do anything at all. POWERLESS in all ways, a beaten people, a broke people, and a battle weary belittled people without hope. more accurately a DECEIVED people.

Our success as a country was accomplished under the protection and leadership of God Almighty and a people who willingly sought God to establish a country that honored God above all. AGAIN we need to return this country under the protection and leadership of God Almighty and a people who are actively and willingly seeking God to heal our country, and return our families and properties united as one nation under GOD.

Its 9/11 — Do YOU know where your GOD is?


Marilyn Allen

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[To hear the entire interview with Gary Johnson click here. The interview begins after a few minutes of news capsules.]

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